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Swagbucks Review: Is Swagbucks Legit?

When I first arrived on Swagbucks, five years ago, I was confused. I have a feeling you are too, considering you’re on my blog. Well, it turns out Swagbucks is a really cool and a completely legal concept. There’s no Swagbucks scam.

Swagbucks is definitely legit: they’ve been around eight years and have dished out more than $122 million ($137 millions as of July 2016) to their customers.

Swagbucks Payouts to Members - $137 millions
In my Swagbucks review, I’m going to cover how it works, why it works, and why you should be using it every day.

What is Swagbucks?

Before I share my personal experience with Swagbucks, let’s talk about what it is. Swagbucks is an online rewards program where you can earn virtual currency called “Swag Bucks” – and you can turn these “Swag Bucks” into real gift cards.

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Ways to earn Swag Bucks include: watching promotional videos, participating in polls and surveys, buying products (cash back), and playing games. The easiest way is through using their search engine. Whenever you’re signed in, and use their search engine you win Swag Bucks.

Quick tip: set Swagbucks as your default search engine on your web browser so that you don’t even have to think about it.

Daily Swagbucks Routine:

  • Answer the “Daily Poll Question” (1 Swag Buck).
  • Make a couple of searches using their search engine (between 6-50 Swag Bucks).

When I hit 500 Swag Bucks, I cash out for a $5 Amazon Gift Card. It normally takes about a week to get the gift card sent to my email.

swagbucks scam

How do I make my big money?

Two words: cash back. What is cash back? Cash back is a way of shopping online and getting rewards back when you make a purchase.

How is this legal? Swagbucks gets money from stores for advertising stores on their site. They take the commission they get from the stores and split it with you (in Swag Bucks).

Example: Let’s say you bought a new laptop from for $500. Walmart pays Swagbucks 8% of that sale ($40), Swagbucks takes this money and gives you half (4% or 2,000 Swagbucks).

How many stores are eligible for cash back? There are over 1,000 different online retailers. Quick side note: Amazon is on the list, but hardly anything there is eligible for cash back, so don’t even bother.

How do you activate the cash back? The first option is to go and search for the store you want to shop at. Once you find the store, look to see how many Swag Bucks you’ll get per dollar spent. Then click the “Shop Now” link and you’re officially done. After the purchase is made, it will take between 3-7 days for the Swag Bucks to show up in your account.

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swagbucks review

The second option is the one I use personally. You download the Swagbucks browser extension (here), and then whenever you arrive on a site that offers cash back an activate button will show up on your screen. It works with most major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer).

swagbucks scam

Basically you’ll get Swag bucks in return for buying something you were already planning to buy. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

  Try Swagbucks – It’s FREE

Things I Don’t Love About Swagbucks:

  • It’s frustrating that you don’t get Swag Bucks on every search you do. They normally give you Swag Bucks at three different times per day while you’re searching.
  • I made Swagbucks my default search engine, but their search engine isn’t as good as Google because they use Bing’s search results. I would rather have slightly worse results in order to accumulate more Swag Bucks, so using their engine is still a no-brainer in my mind.
  • This should be obvious, but you’re not going to become a millionaire using Swagbucks. But it’s definitely realistic to think you could earn $40 in gift cards, every month, by using Swagbucks for just a few minutes a day and using it for your normal shopping. Who wouldn’t want a free forty bucks every month?
  • See all those surveys? See all those videos? They’re garbage! Please don’t waste your time. The key to remember is that one Swag Buck is only worth one penny. Most of these surveys are going to take a long time to complete, and when you’re done you’re going to be spammed with loads of emails in your inbox. 100 SwagBucks might sound like a good deal, but is 10 minutes of your time worth $1? I don’t think so.

Here are some of my recent gift card redemptions:


Is Swagbucks legit!? Is there a Swagbucks Scam!? Stop it!

Swagbucks is just like a normal search engine. You can search like you normally would and you will occasionally win Swag Bucks along the way. Save these up, and get yourself a couple gift cards. They also offer a killer cash back program.

Basically you get paid for doing things you would be doing regardless of Swagbucks’ existence. All you need to do is make a couple tweaks to your daily routine.

Try it and see for yourself that Swagbucks is not a scam! Also, I thought I’d let you know that I get a couple bucks if you sign up for Swagbucks through my link (this doesn’t affect you). Although, I’d appreciate it, it’s totally cool if you prefer not to.

Thanks for checking out my Swagbucks Review. Let me know what you think in the comments.

  Try Swagbucks – It’s FREE



André Hellström

I am trying to get my gift card from them but they dont send it to me. I have contacted them two times and they only send an automated message. Today I realised that they send a ‘sorry for the confusion, we will send your card in ten days’ email, right at the moment that I send the email, so they can have impossible read it. And I checked the first email, it was the same answer and nothing happened. This is scam!


its really good since they started surveys 😀

Faizel Khan


Kinga Duh Cats

yup its easy,.. my referal is the best

swagbucks is a scam

swagbuck is a complete scam. I spent hours and hours on the site and then when I went to cash in for my first giftcard!! they deactivated my account!? I wasted my time on lies and false promises.

Seaman Blount

I can guarantee its not scam. You must have done something wrong. Try again.


I joined swagbucks 2 years back and this is really a legit site… I redeemed lots of gift cards. If you want to make some extra cash in your free time then this is the best site.

Clay Rock

Swagbucks is a great site and is not a scam in anyway. Use this to get a head start. I wish i knew about this.

Seaman Blount

Whats really cool is this. I have to book hotel stays for my employees over a period of 6 months of the year – maybe 30 hotel stays a year. Even though I us the company credit card, i have under my name. Not only do i collect free hotel nights for every 10 nights i book, i also book using swagbucks search engine to bring up the websites i use to book. Pay and collect my swagbucks. I make about $30 in gift card’s per hotel. 30×30=$900 a,year in gift cads plus, 3 free hotel nights for me. Mny ways to make $$

Seaman Blount

One down side i forgot to mention, it takes about 30-45 days to collect when booking hotels. But its worth it at the end


It actually has turned into somewhat of a scam. Swagbucks started partnering with a company called “Incentive Solutions” a few months ago and since then Paypal payments are taking forever to arrive or not being sent at all. There are thousands of folks scammed out of their alleged 10/10 Paypal payments and Swagbucks is ignoring complaints about the non-payments and scrubbing all of the hundreds of complaints about the non-payments off their Facebook page. We’re talking millions of dollars stolen from users in all likehihood from this one theft operation alone. So while Swagbucks has not been a scam for certain people under certain circumstances in the past, for those of us who use Swagbucks to get Paypal payments as opposed to gift certificates it has recently turned into a labor theft scam. You can disprove this by sending screen shots proving the Paypal payments allegedly shipped 10/10 were received by some people. You won’t be able to because basically everyone whose Paypal funds were allegedly shipped that day failed to receive them.


They may have changed since you posted this. As soon as I redeemed my points, they deactivated my account for “noncompliance” with no explanation or specific reason while keeping all points I earned. Clearly seems an unethical scam. Many message boards are claiming similar stories recently.

Skyler DePalio

I used Swagbucks and I have to say its really slow. After struggling, I found another website similar and got right on. Luckily, I have over $600 and i had no regrets at all. Just easy polls, answering question was all I had to do. Comparing both I was amazed of how much I made. Try it and good luck 😀


hello skyler depalio, can i know the other site you found


Can I get the link to the other site, just join swagbuck thanks


I have used swagbucks for nearly 5 years now and have very little issues with them. You have to learn the trusted sites and the rules for Swagbucks. You will be deactivated for doing multiple of the same activity at one time. This is the main reason for deactivation from those who found out. I have always received my rewards and customer service has always responded to me, even if it wasn’t an answer I wanted to hear. I have a detailed post on my blog that shows easy ways to earn points with swagbucks, just scroll to the second section labeled Swagbucks to see.

Kayla Nicole Ward

Please be a little more specific about doing multiple of the same activity at one time please.


If you do 2 ngage activities or 2 ncrave at the same time, that is not allowed. Their faq page says that you must be able to interact with the all activities you do.

Amy R

No, this site is horrible. I have had points that I should have gotten a long time ago and still haven’t received. I have contacted customer service via their online submit request form numerous times and have NEVER gotten a response back. Swagbucks is a joke in my opinion, better off using a different site.

Rhonda Yoder

I can’t even get a comment on here……


Please if someone could tell me WHY swagbucks wont load!


Hey I ordered a 25$ Walmart GC yesterday On November 13th. It’s november 14th now and still not here… Do you think I’ll get it in my email soon??? I verified it and everything and they claimed my money saying it’ll be within 2-3 business days. Sooo ????? Please help

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