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SiteGround Review: Overpriced or Legit?

When I started this site I knew the basics: you need a domain, then you need web hosting to get your site online.

I didn’t understand that there’s a huge difference of quality between the thousands of hosting companies.

I initially went with Bluehost because it seemed to be what most bloggers go with. What a disaster that was! I experienced slow servers, constant downtime, and their customer support was brutal.

I knew there was no way all hosting companies were like this, so I decided to research and try other companies.

The problem with reading hosting reviews, is that most of these reviews are tainted by the HUGE affiliate commissions. When a host is offering $150 per referral, and it converts well, it’s hard to not say good things about a company.

After my research and trying different hosts, I came to the conclusion that SiteGround one is the best shared hosting providers on the market.

And now I consider myself a hosting expert.

SiteGround Review

There are two reasons why I initially stayed clear of SiteGround. Firstly, they are more expensive than comparable hosts. Secondly, they’re not an American company and English is not their native language. How are they going to help, when my site goes down, if there’s a communication barrier?

After three months, the support has been amazing with absolutely no language barrier. They’re incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They’re also quick at diagnosing issues and fixing them. The chat support will give you instant answers, while email takes under an hour. This kind of support, in the hosting industry, is unprecedented.

Since moving over, I’ve had no downtime with my site, and my servers are running faster than ever.

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Unlimited bandwidth is a myth. And SiteGround approaches it differently. Rather than guessing how many visitors your site can handle, they tell you exactly how many.

SiteGround has a wide variety of packages, so we’re not just talking about hosting small blogs. If you’re looking to host a giant e-commerce site or just need to scale up your needs, they have you covered.

The standard cPanel is the best way to install a content management systems and manage your files. SiteGround uses cPanel. Although cPanel is fairly ubiquitous with all the big name hosts, it’s still nice to know you’ll have it.

My only legitimate beef is that SiteGround’s not cheap. When you look at things in a bigger picture, this is a good thing. They can afford to hire better employees and not oversell their server space. Web hosting pricing is normally a race to the bottom. Quality comes with a higher price.

siteground review

Here’s how I rationalize the price: if you go with the “GrowBig” plan (what you’ll need for multiple sites) for $8/month, that’s double of what Bluehost will cost. Let’s break that down on a per day basis. It’s an extra 13 cents a day. Is it worth 13 cents to have my site always online, running faster, and know the company’s going to have my back when something goes wrong? Absolutely.

Click Here: Try SiteGround

Cool side note: if you’re a college student, like I am, you qualify for $2/month hosting. Unfortunately, I didn’t know this was a thing until I had already signed up.

Wrap Up

I’ve been through the battles of finding a good host, so hopefully you won’t have to feel my pain.

SiteGround’s not cheap. They don’t want to be cheap. It comes down to how important your site to you. For an extra $40 a year, you won’t lose a client or sale because your site’s down or running slowly.

If you sign up and don’t like it, I give you permission to email me and rip me.

I’m letting you know up front: SiteGround is going to pay me $50 for every person who signs up through my link. If you don’t think I deserve this, you can type the directly into your browser and sign up. I’d obviously appreciate it if you did help me out though.

Don’t believe that I love SiteGround?

Check out where I host this site:

siteground nameservers

Thanks for stopping by my SiteGround Review. Have you tried ’em? Let me know what you think below.

Click Here: Try SiteGround



Alberto Casagrande

I’m very pleased to have changed Bluehost with Siteground. Siteground has one of the most fast e reliable hosting I’ve ever had. I have a few website targeting Italy and France and the server close to Amsterdam helps a lot with speed loading time. I recommend it!

John Wait

Very interesting article. I agree that SiteGround has good technical support. The speed of loading the pages is to the truth in the top. Nevertheless, I believe that the server would be more efficient if LiteSpeed was installed on it. SSDs are great, but in packages they offer very little free space. Annual billing cycle, poor option as for me. CPanel – I don’t like it, for a new user it is complicated. Daily backups, free certificates useful for the business, but the competition is already offering it, including my current host provider. I personally use GetLark. Very simple client panel, cheap hosting packages (only $5 for one month, the more months the cheaper). Additionally, the hosting is free of charge for 3 months.

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